Monday, February 18, 2013

Welcome to my Book Blog!

Been trying to figure out how to keep track of what I am reading, and decided this was the best way.
This will be dedicated to books, my books.

It will be about what I am reading, and my next choices to read are.  I realized that my other blog was already set up for more than just books, so here we are, one for books!  This way can make lists on the side to track what I am reading and for what.

Since most of the challenges I signed up for are for "For the Love of Life! Alice's World" I will post a short blog on there to take those interested in my books to bring them here.

Here are some of my books, I have a lot. 

 I have a dream that one day I will have my own private library.
I do not have enough room now for all by books (I do have a few on cassettes as well), moves (VCR tapes and DVD) and my music (cassette and  CDs), now put that with my crafts, you will understand why I prefer to stay at home!  If I didn't need to work I probably wouldn't leave except to get more!

I have to admit when I first had this dream a few things have changed.  The mediums.  Now there are DVDs and CDs.  This means I try at all times to have at least  2 each of the players for each medium.
A year and half ago I added another medium.  
EReader.  I find the small tablets that are out are great for eReaders.  Mine holds at least 3 different kinds.  PDFs(there are a few different ones out there), Kobo and Kindle.
My goal is to get another small tablet (or 2 if possible) will be keeping my eyes open for sales.
I also have one Kobo reader(My girl friend gave me hers when she won a Tablet).  I gave mine to my sister when I bought the mini tablet.  Last time I checked have over a 1000 eBooks and many more on my list.
I still buy the regular books, just can not turn down a good deal.

Well will be back with my first review, The Hobbit tomorrow!

 Alice M

P.S.  Hopefully I will also have a surprise to announce in the next week or so.

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