Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Forever Saga: Flash by Sean C. Sousa

I was sent this book to review.  I am giving it an honest review.  To me books are important and I love to share my opinion any book I read.  I am giving this one 5 Stars plus a gold Star!  This is my opinion and I stand by it. ;~)

I realized that I like a  lot of books and I am adding a special gold star is for those books that make me wish the book was not over and can't wait to read more!

When is the next book coming out!

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When I started reading this I do not know what I expected, but I have to tell you it was worth reading.  The hero, Brian and his partner, Flash are a great combination.  They compliment each other and you can't help but hope they make it! There was a little of everything in this book. Even a love story and for the hockey fans- hockey! (not a hockey fan but was surprised by the fact I didn't put it down, there was just enough to help the story with out ruining it!)

I don't want to give away to much, but Brian's family, the characters are all different but you can see them as a family, with all their ups and downs.

Twice my reader died on me just when I wanted to read more (the one draw back to eReaders), thought I was going to go nuts waiting to see what would happen next and not be able to read! It was worth it!  He brought their everyday lives into the story and I have to admit a few surprises with that, I just didn't see coming!

It was a mixture of today's world and tomorrows. I loved his insights into certain emotions and the results of great minds that are truly bad, and the end game of their life's work. Could almost believe this world could exist, hay maybe it does!

I still can't get over that is made me cry at the end. It was so well written, you could feel what they felt and why.  Plus it was not full of words that you had to look up every 2 secs.  I really look forward to the next book and the rest of the story!

I am also looking forward to learning the story of  Grigori Geist (he is the bad guy) It sounds like there is a very good story there.  There is also a hint of the story behind the story when Brian and Flash are on there way to my Grigori.  A story before humans today.  I would love to read that!

When I was finished, reading the end acknowledgements etc. I came across a nice little fact that I would like to share,  "Did you know that a portion of every sale of this book benefits International Justice Mission and work to end human trafficking?"

So in my opinion the book is a must read! With the bonus of helping a great cause!

So The Forever Saga: Flash by Sean C. Sousa I give this book 5 Stars plus a Gold Star!!

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